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Varick Bourbon

Varick Street has a storied past. In 1933 prohibition was repealed in the United States. And the first place it was repealed was at the FX Matt Brewing Company on Varick Street. Varick Street was orginally named for Richard Varick, Mayor of New York City from 1789-1801. Among his many other notable accomplishments, was a responsibility near and dear to our hearts. He signed liquor licenses. And even now, we have converted a 1920's bank on Varick Street and turned it into the home of Adirondack Distilling Company. 

So to honor our past, our street and even the building we are creating bourbon that will live up to its namesake. Varick Bourbon.

But like all good things that come to those that wait, we need to create that special blend and then age it in American Oak until it truly is worthy of its name.

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