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Adirondack Vodka

Great Cocktails Featuring ADC Spirits!

White Manhattan

- 2 oz White Whisky
- Dash White Vermouth
- Lemon slice
Combine all ingredients in shaker with ice,
shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass
garnish with lemon twist


White Whisky Sour

- 1oz fresh lemon juice
- 1oz fresh lime juice
- 1 1/2 oz simple syrup
- 2oz 1,000 Stills White Whisky
In a highball glass muddle an orange 
wedge and cherry, fill glass with ice,
combine ingredients in shaker with ice
and strain into highball glass


ADK Cran Lemonade

A timeless summer drink made with the familiar sweetness of lemonade and topped off
with a splash of cranberry.

• 2oz ADK Vodka
• Splash of Cranberry
• Fill with Fresh Lemonade
• Build over ice in a highball glass



ADK Breeze


• 2oz ADK Vodka
• 1oz Simple Syrup
• 1oz Chai Black Tea
• 1oz Tart Cherry Juice

Build and Serve Over Ice





A refreshing twist on the traditional Cosmo with a subtle hint of citrus and a refreshing sweetness you will love.

• 1.5oz ADK Vodka
• 1oz Sweet White Wine
• 1/2 oz Orange Liqueur 
• Splash of Cranberry
• Squeeze of Fresh Lime Wedge
• Shake over ice and strain into a martini glass


ADK Peach Tea

• 2oz ADK Vodka
• 1oz Peach Liqueur
• 3oz Iced Tea
• Splash of Sour Mix
• Build over ice in a highball glass




ADK Strawberry

• 2oz ADK Vodka
• Muddled Strawberries and Basil
• 1oz Simple Syrup
• Club Soda
• Muddle strawberries, basil, and simple syrup in shaker
  Add vodka and ice, shake and strain over ice into highball glass and fill with club soda


ADK Bloody

• 2oz ADK Vodka
• 3oz Tomato Juice
• 1tsp of Steak Sauce, Dijon Mustard
• A Dash of Hot Sauce, Worcestershire
• A Pinch Garlic Salt
• Build in shaker and pour over ice

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