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1,000 Stills White Whisky

With 6.1 million acres to hide from the law, bootleggers found refuge in the wilderness of the Adirondacks, known as the land of 1,000 stills. Recipes of corn whisky were pased down from generation to generation and perfected through the years. Now, The Adirondack Distilling Company brings to you an authentic piece of that heritage. Using local corn and water from the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, we present to you a lightly oak aged whisky, crafted by hand, refined by history, with hints of sweetness and depth and an amazingly smooth finish.

Available now in the Distillery store at 601 Varick Street in Utica, NY.

Here are some great recipes to try with 1,000 Stills White Whisky:

White Manhattan

- 2 oz White Whisky
- Dash White Vermouth
- Lemon slice
Combine all ingredients in shaker with ice,
shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass
garnish with lemon twist

White Whisky Sour

- 1oz fresh lemon juice
- 1oz fresh lime juice
- 1 1/2 oz simple syrup
- 2oz 1,000 Stills White Whisky
In a highball glass muddle an orange
wedge and cherry, fill glass with ice,
combine ingredients in shaker with ice
and strain into highball glass

Adirondack Distilling Company - Hand-Crafted Spirits

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