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Hand-Crafted Distilled Spirits

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Our mission at Adirondack Distilling Company is to provide you with the highest quality spirits, made with locally grown ingredients using an environmentally friendly distilling process. We hand-craft each batch to create a unique experience that really is a taste of the Adirondacks.

Our Distilling Process

Many people have asked us about how we make Adirondack Vodka. The process for making or distilling vodka is no secret. What differentiates one Vodka from another are the ingredients, the type of still and the filtering. But for those interested in specifics, here is our process:

  1. We buy only the highest quality New York corn.  It arrives at our facility dried, cracked, slightly milled, and ideal for distilling.
  2. We place the Corn in the “mash tun”, water is added and heated to nearly boiling to break down starches to sugars.
  3. The resulting “Mash” is cooled slightly and pumped to fermenters where enzymes and yeast are added.
  4. In the fermenters, the yeast breaks down sugar in the mash and converts it to alcohol and CO2.
  5. The Fermented corn is pumped to the copper still, and a ‘stripping run’ takes place, making cuts of heads, hearts and tails. Only hearts and tails are kept.
  6. Once enough hearts and tails are distilled, a ‘spirits’ run takes place, running it through the still with all plates (26 of them) engaged.
    A pure sprit at 190 proof is the result. We then make cuts at head, hearts and tails again only keeping hearts and SOME tails.
  7. This highly alcoholic un-polished vodka is proofed so we can add our natural Adirondack water, and then chilled and run through the filter and authentic Herkimer Diamonds. It is then that we can finally call it Adirondack Vodka, and it can be bottled and enjoyed responsibly by those over 21 years of age.

If you want to learn more about his process, we will be opening for tours soon and will be happy to show how we make our great spirits.

Adirondack Distilling Company - Hand-Crafted Spirits

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